Are Business Heroes Worthy of Their Capes?

There is a danger in setting up the business leaders of the world as models of great leadership. By profile, far too many of these people are living imbalanced lives of gross inequality (not only in the earnings to contribution ratio, but in the way they live and use that money).  I am all for making lots of money (in fact, if you have any extra, please send it my way), but I am worried about setting on a pedestal as exemplary leaders, those figures of modern industry that are more focused on finances than moral character. Continue reading

Humans don’t fear change, they fear uncertainty.

There have been many acres of forest spent on theories of change, many of which seem to posit that humans dislike and avoid it. Tell me, however, that you are giving me 10 million dollars and I will happily take it, even though it means and introduces change into my life. So, what’s the real story with change? Do humans favor or fear it? Continue reading

Out of Reach (and Out of Touch) Leaders

The number one question I am asked when working with mid-levels in leadership development programs is, “Has my manager been through this?”  That’s a sad indictment on the state of leadership within an organization.  Essentially, what employees are saying is that, “Boy, I wish my management lived these values and behaved in this ideal way!”  How is it possible that so many managers can be so clueless and far removed from the realities of the work and the people that they manage? Continue reading

Reversing the 1:50 Ratio – A gut-check on values and A response to Greg McKeown

I have been reading some posts in reflection of the passing of Stephen Covey, and was led into some great thoughts from Greg McKeown, and in response to a post about Reversing the Stanford Prison Experiment, I wrote a bit too much and thought I should put it here. I hope you get something beneficial from it. Check it out.  Continue reading

Fighting Lions Without Fighting At All

I’m always looking for those intrepid souls who will come along and pull the organization out of it’s funk. Those who, despite the odds, the nay-sayers, the BS and the crummy culture, have a sense of mission and destination and are going to “go there” no matter what.

And they are there – somewhere in your organization. I’m not yet sure how to find them, except I think I could hunt them down by following the tracks of the innovative, looking for the signs of the exemplary and by scouting for the pattern of the consistently extraordinary. Continue reading

The Secret to Making a ‘Magic’ Organization

Two Keys to Exceptional Performance

Some organizations simply seem to prosper without trying. They have the Midas touch. They just seem, well… Magic. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small business that has captured the market in your town, or a large multinational whose presence has swelled across the globe.

The roots of exceptional, sustainable success are usually the same from sports to business to personal achievement. Individuals wanting to build exceptional organizations follow the same principles of being exceptional that anything else does. Continue reading