The Genius of Modern mARkeTing

When the Tate Modern wanted to boost the attendance of 16-24 year olds to the art museum’s gallery in London, they knew they needed to do something different.  Rather than crash their parties with tanatalizing slogans like “Try Art, you’ll like it” or “Paint and Brush Mix – Cool!”, they had to learn to find a new idea about not only communicating with the target audience, but actually discovering for themselves how their value as a gallery might fit into the lives of this demographic.

In comes Fallon with a new idea about uniting kids with art through the one thing they all have in common: music.  The Tate Tracks campaing invited 12 groups of musicians to find a piece of art in the gallery and write a song inspired by that piece, which was then made only available in the museum at a station next to the work of art, later engaging in a special release on the Tate Tracks site. Genius.  It not only drove the group to the museum, but shared a new idea with impact.

What might happen if, in our everyday organizations, we begin to think from the perspective of some other stakeholder group than ourselves, completely open our doors and invite collaboration from multiple groups.  What if we open-sourced our problem solving within the organization using resources from without?

Either way, leaders are marketers and they ought to take a lesson from this.

Check it out.