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Exceptional performance doesn’t simply happen. It is the result of a series of decisions that align organizations, behaviors and stakeholders, perfectly.

Performance. Aligned. gives thought leadership for executive managers seeking to build the exceptional organization and acheive sustainable, exceptional results.

I’m Peter Tennis: Leadership Advocate, Management Thinker, and Organizational Scientist.

Organizations, businesses, groups, teams, people – whatever you call them: They drive us nuts, inspire us, give us hope, crush our dreams, pay us, take our money and support us at the same time. They make us happy and cause so much frustration that they probably kill us in the long run. But, no matter what, we can’t get out of them. We are always in some sort of organization. Always.

I believe our personal leadership in life and organizations makes a difference.  A big one.

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  1. Greetings!! I stumbled upon your post from 09/2008 – re: our brief intro/conversation at Renaissance Grand Hotel, Downtown St. Louis. Thank You for the kind words… Happy/Pleased to know that I had a positive impact on your day. Wishing you continued success. TG

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