The Essence of Brand

I used this video in a recent keynote address.  I think it may be a failsafe: It is such a moving piece that all you need to do is tack it on to the end of any talk, and you’re an instant success.

But in this case, I had a legitimate reason to use it.  I have been communicating the need for an intentional effort to consider brand in the restructuring of an internal organization; to consider whether or not behaviors, words, appearance and presentation are conveying the things we’d like to have conveyed. And of course this is nothing more than a reverse approach into the ultimate question at the core of any organization: Who are we and why do we exist?

But in the midst of organizational existentialism is still the social structure whose brand is defined in the nature of relationships it maintains with its stakeholders – specifically the customers (which can be loosely defined).

So the sustainable organization is one whose relationships give the ‘other’ party what they are looking for, and also what they need.  They connect on an emotional level and generate mutual benefit.

So, even though I am sure that you have seen this before, watch this video from this point of view: The audience are customers, the judges are outspoken and often deeply critical and demanding customers, and the individual on stage is the company putting forth its product into the market.

In this case, there is a resonant connection, even felt nearly 5 years later.  Learn a little about branding and business and connection from this humble, mobile phone salesman.


One thought on “The Essence of Brand

  1. Let me add an update to this. As I watch it, there is a great deal of transparency in Paul’s humility and openness before the cameras, and the audience. I think that is part of his product and part of his brand, ultimately endearing him to his customers.

    What role does transparency play in your organization, with your customers and in your products/services? How much of your overall story about who you are plays into your overall brand?

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