Losing the King’s Wallet Actually MAKES Money!

Ever found one of the King’s Wallet’s?

Burger King and agency Legacy Marketing Partners dropped 14,000 plus wallets in Chicago, Orlando and Phoenix. Complete with the King’s driver’s license, a royal ID card, phone and email info, the wallet also contained gift cards and maps showing all the local restaurants.

That’s aligning to the performance that you desire. You create a pleasant find for someone, with money to use inside and a map to help them show up and spend it.  Why do we have to complicate things when it can be that simple?  Apparently the campaign cost around $500k, and drove quality social interaction, and of course, coupon redemption and revenue from food sales.

Not a bad day’s work for losing a wallet, even if you are a king.

Ingenious. I love it. I hope I find one.


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