What they dont teach you (or teach well) in b-school, and most dont practice in b-life, yet accounts for the %80:

I can say it till I am blue in the face, but the only thing that will make a difference is if someone will try it and ‘experiment on the word’.

Culture is the single, greatest factor determining organizational success.  You can’t teach it. It is a trade, a craft, a science and art that has to be apprenticed and learned to be read over time.  Most professors don’t get it. Why would they, when their reward system is about quantifiable research?

But every person in an organization needs the basics of culture, or they are as good as lemmings.  A person armed with culture awareness in an organization, can at least alert leaders and coworkers to potential changes.

Even if culture is not new to you, this is a good read. If you are new to culture, or think you know but aren’t really sure, click here and read this.


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