10 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

Great post.  If more of our people understood these principles, we would avoid a lot of the mediocrity that current businesses boast.

Check it out: http://www.inc.com/multimedia/slideshows/content/10-things-every-entrepreneur-needs-to-know_pagen_4.html

One of my favorites is “Run a Business as if it’s Forever”.

Too many of us at the executive level are squashed with the pressure of short-term profitability and thus, our contribution to organizational longevity is denied.

The other is that “Culture drives a company . In the long run, the bosses’ most important job is to define it and enforce it.” Well, Schein could probably agree with that.  Leadership sets the culture.  Too many small entities, from small businesses to business units of large organizations, are at the mercy of the personal attributes of the their leaders. In the end, the resulting culture is the underlying cause of success or failure. 

Oh, how great the need to properly develop leaders and help them learn to see culture.


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