Ban on Inter-office Email

Ok. I am going on strike. At least for a while.  I have seen too many run-ins with misinterpreted, written communications, mostly in emails, that I am now staging a sit-in in my office (where I sit anyways, so it works out quite conveniently for me).

I am staging a ban on inter-office email.  Please note that this is not a ban on email, just the inter-office kind.  You know what I am talking about, the kind that you can just pick your rear up and walk five steps to the left and talk to the person face to face, but instead you hammer out a few words and pass it on.

So, I am looking to stop those behaviors in myself and others and promote genuine, face to face communication. And when that won’t work, I will pick up the phone.

I think our communication is becoming too fragmented and aloof in a world washed with email and instant messaging. Those are great tools, but they are changing out workforces and ourselves to the point that we react to messages instantly, without much thought, and process them as if they were some sort of checklist.

So, here are a few possible slogans for the ban:

“Got Talk?”

“Just Say…Something!”

“I spoke instead of emailed and all I got was real communication.”

Do you have any suggestions?


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