Problem Solving: More Simple than Complex

I sat and watched this executive team that I was participating with wrestle with some issues until they became so mired and so estranged from their original purpose that the negative energy, frustration and perplexity seemed to be carrying them, unavoidably, farther downstream and over a terrifying fall.

And it was great.  It was great, because I had one of those moments where you reaffirm a principle that you have learned, again in your mind, only stronger. And, I was able to step in, re-align the team with purpose and stakeholder needs, and guide all of us down a far more simpler path to successful resolution.  We felt good. Customers did and will win.  Resources will be spared.  Good solution.

It’s an organizational operating principle that things are more simple than they are complex. I saw that today, and it proved to be true.


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