Why won’t we learn from the Best?

I find it disturbing sometimes that we view the military too much through the window of disdain. Yes, war is horrible – most of us will never know the extent of that. However, there is so much to learn organizationally from the American military. Most of the business and leadership fundamentals that we know today about the profession of management were born in the military. It makes sense – after all, they are the ones who have the money to spend on the research, development and implementation of pioneering leadership efforts. 

So, here’s a piece of wisdom: the United States Army Leadership Values. They have seven of them, and they indoctrinate them over and over within their people at all levels, to live them, not merely to repeat them. You wont find them on a t-shirt. The only posters you’ll see, if they even have them, will be in a classroom or similar place where leadership curriculum is taught. The army is cheap on talk with these values, and big on walk – they do, and they have to do or their mission will fail.

Perhaps you and I could do a little better if we, like the young, nearly-teenage leaders that begin their careers in the army, remembered and endowed our style with these seven, noble leadership values:


HonorFounded on Values






I suppose that if more of us possesed those values and lived them, we truly would be an “Army of One”: united in purpose, mission, vision, focus. Think of the change we could bring about.

Go Army.


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