Process Heavy vs. Process Overweight

Pet Peeve:

I have heard a few people throwing around the term “Process Heavy”, as in “We are really process heavy here” or “you guys are so process heavy”.  The funny thing is that most of those people wouldn’t know “process heavy” if it stepped on their scale.  The reality is that they are getting frustrated by not getting their way, or not being able to “just do it right now”.

So I’ve been taking a heuristic survey over time, mentally noting the times and circumstances that I hear such accusation.  In the end, most of the people throwing the claim could not articulate any of the processes they use on a daily basis to successfully accomplish their work. They are process blind.  And you can’t manage, let alone improve the way we work, if you can’t name it, articulate it and measure it.

So, to all those who lament a process-heavy system, please understand that everything you do, from eating dinner to waking up in the morning, is process-heavy.  What you are probably trying to describe is that the process is too inflexible or not fast enough for your wants.

“Process heavy”: you just woke up from naivete and noticed your surroundings. “Process overweight”: not good. fat cats don’t hunt


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